Engaged in the Project for the Upgrade of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 to 9.2, Tools Release Update and Consolidation of two JDE Instances.

“Solid support is so critical to creating exceptional service. With help from Kenai, our solutions provide a platform that allows that.” – Atlantis Resorts

Atlantis Properties was running an outdated version of JD Edwards, which meant a less agile environment to adapt to changes quickly.

The company was also running two instances of JD Edwards so communication and reporting was disjointed, making it challenging to distribute critical information to leadership most efficiently. Multiple instances also meant a less stable operational spending model because they were paying dual maintenance and had dedicated headcount to manage each instance.


If your business is code current, you can be flexible, proactive, and adapt to the latest trends more easily. Kenai successfully consolidated the 2 instances in a prototype environment and are in the process of rolling out the consolidations to the production environment.


  • Improved utilization
  • Code Current
  • One instance across the enterprise
  • On-time delivery