So we know that migrating your ERP and other workloads to any cloud infrastructure service will reduce your capital expenditures, lower operational expenses, provide scalability, and reduce your company’s energy costs. It also frees up key IT employees to focus on core business initiatives and strategic projects vs. “keeping the lights on” activities.

But what else? You need some more ammunition about the benefits you’ll get from choosing Oracle Cloud compared to the other IaaS solutions. Let’s drill down on a few things that will make the case.


You already know that subscription costs are a money saver, because your first monthly payment gets you instant, vastly improved infrastructure capabilities, which would have taken a hefty up-front investment in the past. Oracle Cloud gets you more than subscription pricing, it also provides hardware cost savings, increased business flexibility, and greater efficiencies in the short- and long term.

In addition, since Oracle Cloud IaaS empowers you to migrate all your applications to the cloud, including your ERP and additional business software, you’ll also save on training costs and the associated disruption and downtime that typically occurs with system upgrades or software changes.


Lots of companies say their solutions “streamline business performance,” but what they’re really saying is that they help you click fewer buttons and perform fewer manual processes at work. Oracle not only helps you click less and automate more, it also provides true streamlined performance through a shared infrastructure that empowers your entire business to run faster and scale up (or down) to meet peak compute demands with ease.


Oracle is known for reinvesting back into their company’s offerings for greater strength and innovation, which is why they’ve become one of the leading choices for businesses of all sizes that want reliable, ultra-modern systems that work.

Oracle Cloud is easy and hassle-free to work with, and provides a future-proofed solution that enables you to move your legacy workload to one of the most up-to-date platforms in the world.


This supports your long-term business strategies and objectives with ease by ensuring you have the necessary power to develop new apps, increase or decrease server capacity, allow high-intensity compute processes such as in-depth analytics without lag time, and pivot quickly to meet changing market conditions – effortlessly.


Ask your IT department and they’ll tell you that simplification is the name of the game when it comes to saving costs and time. They’ll also agree that migrating your existing workloads to an IaaS solution is the easiest way you can ensure better cost and performance efficiency without migration over-complexity.

Since Oracle Cloud IaaS is one of the leading cloud infrastructure options for global enterprises, Oracle also offers a streamlined process that helps companies like yours migrate applications such as your ERP, analytics software, and even your existing architecture to the cloud in as little as a few days.


Let’s be honest here. Though the term “agility” is thrown around a lot, what it really means is that your business can respond quickly to changing market conditions so you can best engage with emerging opportunities. With the cloud, your nimble response arises from your ability to scale up quickly to handle extra locations, analytics projects, developer processes, and more and also to scale down when business slows or projects complete.

Oracle Cloud solutions include PaaS, which enables your company to create new, disruptive technology for IoT applications in lightning-fast time by leveraging highly skilled teams throughout the globe, as well as IaaS, which helps you add virtual servers at will to meet increased demand on your computing power as you create those highly original apps or modify your business processes and Big Data capabilities. Looking for SaaS applications? Oracle Cloud can help with that too.

In essence, the flexibility of Oracle cloud provides the scalable infrastructure, development capabilities, hardware, and software options that support your business as you create and utilize the agile innovation you need to keep your company competitive for years to come.


With full-stack options such as IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), PaaS (platform-as-a-service), and SaaS (software-as-a-service), Oracle Cloud solutions enable your company to run your business the way you want, at the cost and performance you prefer. But to access the full benefits of Oracle Cloud, you need a partner who can help you along the way.

Kenai’s team of experts delivers exceptional service and proven results. With a diverse group of consultants around the world, we have the leading skills to help you tackle every option in the Oracle Cloud stack, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Let’s get started today.