Managed Services Today Means Strategic Partnership and Continuous Delivery

In today’s unique environment, remote support is more critical than ever. Over the past 18 months, business growth slowed as the world shut down. How you can accelerate your business safely by leveraging JD Edwards managed services in tandem with new methodologies like continuous delivery from Oracle?

Today’s ERP systems need to be more than operational. They need to be a source of competitive advantage. That means faster access to new functionality to optimize processes and capture more market share.

Managed Services needs to provide innovation to support the pace of Continuous Delivery. Organizations need to hire managed services providers that not only know how to fix the system, but fully leverage the power of the solution for competitive advantage.

There are many managed services providers for JD Edwards but few who offer proactive innovation alongside support for more common daily tasks and help desk inquiries. A managed service provider can and should provide business process improvement that impacts the bottom line, and client and employee satisfaction.

So how does it happen? Here are four ways you can use a managed services provider to help your business.

  1. Improve Business Functions

JD Edwards Managed services providers are solely focused on the solution suite—including World and EnterpriseOne—and they’ve worked with the system in multiple environments so have exposure to unique scenarios and problem-solving efforts that your full time hire likely can’t offer. They have deep expertise working with the system to support different business functions—across departments, such as finance; and across industries, like manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

This combination means they can provide recommendations that will help your company more effectively leverage the tools and processes, improve functionality, save time and money.

  1. Streamline Processes

This concentration is also a key component to their ability to uncover under-utilized existing functionality, built into the system.  JD Edwards managed service providers can identify more efficient and effective use of existing functionality and workaround processes that free up employee time and improves morale so they can get better business results out of their efforts.

The best managed services providers will do this proactively, evaluating your system, identifying opportunities to better use the system and streamline; comparing how your competition is using technology and managing the use to provide measurable business improvement.

  1. Continuous Upgrades, Enhancements, and New Features

Pace is important, especially after the months we’ve all faced. Businesses are in a hurry to recover and an ERP system like JD Edwards should evolve to meet business needs. This means fast access to ERP upgrades, enhancements, and new feature development. Managed services providers can help JD Edwards users migrate to EnterpriseOne 9.2 to take advantage of Oracle’s continuous delivery model.

New features and enhancements can be customized by your own in-house development team, or can also be part of an enhancement strategy as part of an upgrade. For each of these options, JDE managed service providers can help develop functionality—if needed—and provide strategic guidance on which features might reduce time to market and produce better business results.

  1. Extend In-House Expertise

Third-party JD Edwards managed service providers give company IT departments a critical extension to their own in-house talent. Not only can they deploy additional resources during busier periods, they also have access to a network of experts for specific needs around your processes, whether that be manufacturing and supply chain, distribution, or other. Collectively, this expands your in-house expertise across business functions and gives you the ability to be more agile.

Instead of having full-time experts for each business function (e.g., finance or procurement) on staff, you can pull resources as needed, cutting costs and ensuring efficient results.

Choose a Provider For Proactive Partnership and Expert Delivery

In the wake of a global pandemic, today’s market leaves little – if any – room for reactive, managed services that act as band-aid “break-fix” solutions. Proactive providers who want to engage on a strategic level on all services, whether it be help desk, or full project implementation, will be the best choice.  Build a productive partnership with a managed services provider that will contribute to long-term and continuous success. Couple JD Edwards expertise with Oracle’s Continuous Delivery model for best results and measurable improvement.

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