Upgrade support – World to EnterpriseOne and key project roles, including development lead, EDI lead and project management support and audit.

“Kenai provided ongoing support through our upgrade and helped our own team ensure a successful upgrade that met our unique requirements.” – Simmons Mattress Company

Heavily modified World software due to no finished goods inventory, truck load order requirements, and the need for M&D workbenches to accommodate direct from production line to delivery truck. And a rapid procurement process meant more modifications to JD Edwards. Non-standard EDI transactions for big-box retailers.


Managing development efforts was a critical path in the success of this project.  Simmons turned to Kenai development resources not only for JD Edwards development but also for managing a team of development resources.  Kenai EDI development resources also helped to identify required modifications to the JD Edwards EDI processes, make the necessary modifications and thoroughly test the new processes.  In addition, Kenai resources performed full project audits and also assisted Simmons resources in project management.


  • Fewer modifications
  • More modern platform that scaled for growth
  • Streamlined EDI
  • Solution that kept up with the pace of M&D